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Region: United States
Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon

Vintage: 2014

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Nickel & Nickel is located in Oakville, along Highway 29, on 42 acres that were originally settled as a farmstead in the 1880s. The Napa Valley winery’???s collection of classic barns along with the site’???s original Queen Anne-style home brings the historic farmstead back to life, while housing a cutting-edge winery capable of hand crafting up to 25 single-vineyard wines. The land was first developed by John C. Sullenger, a successful prospector and owner of gold, silver and quicksilver mines, who acquired the Oakville parcel in 1865. Nickel & Nickel purchased the property in 1998. The plan was three-fold: to restore the Sullenger farmstead, construct new buildings that are architecturally compatible to the historic structures, and house an ultra-modern winery uniquely suited to producing single-vineyard wines. ’???Our goal was to develop a modern winery, specially outfitted to meet the needs of single-vineyard winemaking, while respecting the history of the location,’??? says Nickel & Nickel director of winemaking and chairman, Dirk Hampson. He adds, ’???Anyone driving past on Highway 29 will see a restored farmstead that appears to have been there for generations, without realizing the classic barns house an extremely sophisticated winery.’??? The Sullenger farmstead is arranged around three sides of a barnyard and surrounded by 80-year-old olive trees and a white, three-rail fence. Click on the links to the left to learn the fascinating historic and architectural details of each of our farmstead buildings.

Branding Iron Vineyard lies in the western part of Oakville close to the base of the Mayacamas Mountains. The vineyard is named for a branding iron, shaped like two opposing wineglasses, that is owned by the proprietor. The vineyard is comprised of well-drained clay loam, and the vines are vertically trellised to maximize sunlight and open the canopy. The warm climate of Oakville is perfect for slowly ripening the fruit, and outside of a few hot days each year, the fruit will often benefit from a longer hang time.

The Quicksilver Vineyard lies on the western Rutherford bench, in the acclaimed winegrowing area on Bella Oaks Lane. The soils are predominantly well-drained loams that produce vines of moderate size. These older vines were planted to the California sprawl system, with wider spacing and a divided canopy, giving great exposure to the fruit. Minimal irrigation is needed to obtain maximum fruit potential from this vineyard.

Quicksilver Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon offers alluring aromas of cherry and cedar. On the palate, flavors of cherry and raspberry fruits combine with a dusty, earthy quality that comes from the Rutherford AVA. Additional notes of chocolate and spice harmonize with these flavors, carried on broad, coating tannins reminiscent of Oakville.

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