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Region: Region:France
Varietal: Varietal:Rhone Blend

Vintage: Vintage:2014

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Archives affirm Ch?ƒ?§teau La Nerthe’???s existence as early as 1560, while suggesting an even more distant past dating to the dawn of the region’???s wine culture in the 12th century making it one of Ch?ƒ?§teauneuf’???s oldest estates. Located in the heart of the Ch?ƒ?§teauneuf-du-Pape AOC region of southern France not far from Avignon, the 225 acres of Ch?ƒ?§teau La Nerthe vineyards are located in a single block around the Ch?ƒ?§teau and have been certified Organic since 1998.

The terroir is very typical for the region: vineyards runs along a slope, at the top of which the vines dig their roots into soils of sandy-clay, on the surface there is a layer of the famous galettes, large, round, well-worn stones that originated in the Alps, having been carried down to the Rh??ne by the glaciers of previous ice ages. The further down the slope of the vineyard you travel, the more these stones dominate. All 14 of the permitted primary varietals are planted-Grenache dominates 62% of vineyards and the vines average over 40 years old. Ch?ƒ?§teau La Nerthe is THE expression of Ch?ƒ?§teauneuf-du-Pape.

Tasting Notes: At the tasting, the Ch?ƒ?§teauneuf-du-Pape 2014 of Ch?ƒ?§teau La Nerthe has a dress dense garnet color . The nose, pleasant enough , develops intense aromas of fresh fruit . We can note the presence of red cherries , wild strawberries and subtle notes of sweet spices and garrigue . The tannins combine softness , delicacy and sweetness . This wine is accessible and already offers a great pleasure despite its young age.

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