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Region: United States
Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon

Vintage: 2012

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Lots of things have changed since Joe and Alice shared the first bottle of Heitz wine in 1961, but our core values --- quality, integrity and innovation --- have stood the test of time. A glass of wine is our way of celebrating the best times in life. That means celebrating the big things, of course, but more often the small. ƒ??In our family, most of lifeƒ??s memorable moments have involved sharing a bottle of fine wine with friends and family. Many of the personal and business relationships that we still treasure after three generations started around our dinner table. When people choose Heitz Cellars, they envision a classic wine and pure elegance that they can count on year after year. That is the heart and soul of our heritage. Our practices and methods have evolved over the years, but the quality of our wines and the integrity of our approach to the business --- that is going to stay the same.ƒ?? - Kathleen Heitz Myers, President The Heitz familyƒ??s vision of winemaking spans three generations of dedication to excellence. We believe that true artistry sometimes requires restraint. We strive for the delicate balance between science and natureƒ??s bounty that allows our wines to express the genuine character of the varietal and to reflect their vineyardƒ??s unique geography within the Napa Valley. ƒ??For people around the world who love to celebrate life with Heitz wines, we will continue to polish the legacy of Heitz Wine Cellars.ƒ?? The Heitz Family

Tasting Notes: The Trailside Vineyard is a prime slice of Rutherford dirt, hugging the Silverado Trail on its east side and descending at a grade of roughly 2% until its opposite boundary nudges the banks of the Conn Creek. This fertile belt of gravelly, well-drained soil stretches out on the eastern side of the valley where the trellised plants can soak up the radiant afternoon sunshine. The vines consistently produce deep purple grapes bursting with an extra ripeness and intensity that flaunts their Rutherford pedigree. In keeping with their tradition of seeking the best fruit in the valley for their wines, the Heitz family originally purchased grapes grown on this tract of land in the early 1980s. ƒ??In 1984, when this vineyard came up for sale, we jumped on it. We knew it had great potential in the right hands to establish a powerful identity of its own.ƒ?? - David Heitz, Winemaker The fish, frogs, turtles and other wildlife that share Trailside Vineyardƒ??s riparian outskirts undoubtedly appreciate Heitz Wine Cellarsƒ?? certified organic farming practices as much as our customers do. As one of the earliest properties in Napa County to enroll in the Fish Friendly Farming Program, Heitz Wine Cellars was presented with an award recognizing Excellence in Stream Habitat and Restoration. We are currently participating in a restoration project that will improve the water quality and wildlife habitat of Conn Creek, which is a tributary of the Napa River. Heitz Wine Cellars intends to make sure that our Trailside Vineyard and its delightful community of flora and fauna continue to thrive for generations to come.

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