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Region: France
Varietal: Syrah

Vintage: 2015

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Along the steep, narrow valley that traces the northern Rhone, the appellations of Cote Rotie, Condrieu and Saint Joseph take their place among the great wines of France, and Domaine Faury is one of the region's most artisanal producers. When Philippe Faury took over the domaine in 1979, the family was selling wine, peaches and cherries, and the bulk of their clientele was local. Over the years, Philippe expanded their holdings to over eleven hectares, and expanded sales to an international client base. In addition, he has shared his savoir faire with his son, Lionel. Since 2006, Lionel has taken over the reins at Domaine Faury, though father and son still work side by side.

The steep slopes of the northern Rhone present a challenging terrain where farming is only feasible through terracing. On these terraced slopes, the Faurys' vines take full advantage of the southern and southeastern sun exposure, benefitting from optimum ripening. A combination of the predominately granitic soil, partial de stemming (in about 70% of the grapes), soft crushing of the grapes with a pneumatic press, and temperature controlled fermentation offer a liveliness and freshness that one does not often find in wines from the northern Rhone. There's a real attention to detail here, and nothing is done in haste. Every method used encourages the grape towards greatness with the ultimate respect for its fragility. Pigeage, the punching of the cap, is not carried out with tools, but gently by foot ,not just poetic but also pragmatic. Unlike many other vignerons in the region, the Faurys have a strong aversion to new oak. Though the reds definitely see time in barrels, there is a rotation between new and old alike, along with a variety of sizes, ranging from the smaller barriques to the larger 600 liter demi muids. Unfined and only lightly filtered before bottling, these wines are loaded with classic flavors and show a remarkable rustic elegance. Vines are located around the domaine, planted on steep slopes (up to 35%) facing south, south east Hand harvested and 60 to 70% of grapes are de stemmed Fermentation lasts 15 to 20 days Pump overs occur twice daily Aged for 12 months in foudres (24 - 35 hl), demi muids (600 L), barrels (228 L); only 10% new oak is used in the rotation of barrels

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